Bachelor of Science Degree in Career Development

Programme Overview

The Bachelor of Science in Career Development is a comprehensive programme designed to provide participants with the competencies to become agents of change as they facilitate the career development process for children, adolescents, and adults. Participants will be equipped with the skills and knowledge to understand and apply the theoretical foundations that underpin career development practices. The Bachelor of Science in Career Development consists of 125 credits reflected in 41 courses. The Major consists of 22 courses which emphasize competencies related to the field of career development. These courses provide 68 of the 125 credits required for completion of the programme. The programme also includes 10 General Education courses which cover areas such as communication and research, and provide 30 credits.

Another programme component, identified as the Adjunct/Supporting courses, comprises seven courses, of which three are Psychology related, one is a Sociology course, one deals with Learning Theories, another covers Entrepreneurial Ventures, and there is also a course in Instructional Technology. These courses provide three credits each, for a total of 21 credits. The programme also offers six electives each worth three credits; students are required to do two of these electives. In addition, the programme includes 405 hours of Practicum and 45 hours of Community Service in career development in an education, human resource management and/or community setting.

All interested applicants must possess the minimum matriculation requirements of:
Five CXC/ CSEC subjects, inclusive of English Language and Mathematics, at grades 1, 2 or grade 3 (as of June 1998), or the equivalent.


A Diploma in Career Guidance and Counselling (VTDI); or a Diploma in Education, Social Work or Counselling from a recognized tertiary institution.


NVQJ Level 2 in relevant skill area and four (4) CXC/CSEC inclusive of Mathematics and English;


NVQJ Level 3 in relevant skill area and three (3) CXC/CSEC inclusive of Mathematics and English

Mature/Non-traditional entry requirement: 
Mature Entry -Applicants who are not eligible for admission under any of the normal entry requirements outlined above, may apply for Mature Entry provided that the applicants have demonstrated the potential for college studies by virtue of their achievements and/or relevant work experience. To be considered for mature entry, the applicant must be at least 23 years of age, has at least three (3) years of work experience in the core area for which further training is sought, and has relevant certification in the area of interest. The applicant may be required to sit a proficiency test designed to assess his/her command of the English Language, as well as Numeracy Skills and Reasoning Ability.

Exemptions and Advanced Placement

Students may receive exemptions and advanced placement in the B. Sc. Career Development programme, based on application and approval by the Academic Board of the VTDI. Requests for exemptions must be submitted at the Registry.


– Apply career development theories to career related client issues.
Demonstrate the competencies required to function as effective career development
professionals in different sectors of society.
Analyse the relationships among various disciplines, in order to help clients make informed

-Use labour market information to guide clients as they make career related choices.
Apply career development interventions such as programme planning and implementation to
facilitate problem solving in learning institutions, communities, and other organizations that
may be experiencing challenges with the career development processes.

-Demonstrate professionalism and integrity while carrying out their duties as career
development specialists.

-Communicate clearly in speech, writing and other appropriate modes of expression, concepts
and interventions in the field of career development.
Argue rationally and draw conclusions based on an analytical and critical approach to data.

Graduates can create their own jobs as entrepreneurs. However, recipients of the Bachelor of Science in Career Development may seek employment as any of the following: 
-Career/Guidance Counsellor
-Student Services Personnel
-Career Development Officer/Specialist
-Community Development Officer
-Career Information Researcher
-Programme Development Writer
-Talent Development Officer
-Work Experience Facilitator
-Dean of Discipline
-Career Coach
-Job Description Writer
-Career and Life Management Organizer
-Life Skills Coordinator
-Youth Skills Coordinator
-Image Consultant
-Personal Development Counsellor
-Recruitment Counsellor
-Human Resource Personnel
-Retirement Counsellor
-Community Resource Counsellor
-Marketer of Programme
-Job Coach
-Coach/Advocate (Public Relations Liaison Office)