Occupational Associate Degree in Logistics and Supply Chain Management

Programme Overview

The Occupational Associate Degree Programme in Logistics and Supply Chain Management is an Applied Associate Degree which is designed using workplace competencies with the intent to provide workforce solutions in the field of Maritime, with particular focus on the training and certification of persons at the noted level. The programme content will expose participants to the technical, operational processes and managerial competencies required to manage logistics and related activities in areas such as, inventory control, transport and distribution, fleet control, warehousing, terminal (land, air & sea).

The programme design combines related underpinning academic competencies with the practical occupational competencies. The programme allows for a “work-ready” and “employable” graduate who can contribute to and create/add value to their place of employment, the industry and the nation. The development of these competencies are complemented by the professional development courses in this programme; aimed at developing an occupational and workplace competent individual, through application of critical employability skills; science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics (STEAM) skills and a general awareness of, sensitivity to and appreciation for human diversity. As such, the programme takes a learner-centered approach to instruction and considers the varied needs of students in the use of instructional and assessment strategies.

The programme is also designed at a level where graduates can not only earn an institutional certification, but in addition, professional and or industry recognitions including license required for 11VTDI-ACAD-PG-1.0 Programme Guide July 2020 professional practice. At the end of the programme, students who are deemed competent in the specific requirements of this programme, will be awarded an Occupational Associate Degree in Logistics and Supply Chain Management.

-Graduates of the Career Advancement Programme (CAP) with NVQ-J Level 2 certification
-HEART Trust/NTA Graduates with a minimum of NVQ-J Level 2 certification
– Individuals with 3 CXC’s (CSEC)
– Individuals with industry experience (at least 2 years), seeking certification at the supervisory

-Demonstrate operational purchasing methods and techniques on supplier management and
supply in specific business context.
– Describe the strategic importance of logistics elements how they affect supply chain
-Anaylze the creation of new value in the supply chain for customers, society and the
-Discover the different modes of transport and the types of commodities they transport.
-Adopt to the detailed coordination in a complex operation involving many people, facilities or
-Develop the ability to advice management on the organization of E-commerce, logistics, import
taxes, risk, customs and legal aspects of global trading.

– Logistics Administrator
-Transport Administrator
-Warehouse Administrator
– Logistics Specialist
-Freight Forwarder
-Inventory Planner