Associate Degree in Draughting and Building Technology

Programme Overview

The Draughting and Building Technology Programme is a Technical and Vocational Education (TVET) programme which seeks to train practising and aspiring draughtsmen and site supervisors for the built environment in Jamaica and the Caribbean at large. The students will learn ingenious, creative and practical approaches to construction draughting, and will employ real life solutions to tackle the problems associated with architecture and building construction.

The programme contains courses such as National Building Code; Building Measurement; Structural Mechanics; and Administrative and Building Law. In addition, the programme includes 300 hours of Industrial Attachment geared towards providing practical work experience for students who are being prepared to function at a supervisory level within the built environment.

This comprehensive 71-credit programme is designed to transform the learning experience of students by helping them to become engaged thinkers, active learners, knowledge constructors and global citizens who are able to participate fully in the society as practitioners in the construction industry. At the end of this programme, successful graduates will receive the VTDI‘s Associate of Science Degree in Draughting and Building Technology.

A minimum of five CXC/CSEC subjects inclusive of Mathematics and English Language, or the equivalent.
NVQJ Level 2 in relevant skill area, plus CXC/CSEC Mathematics and English Language, or the equivalent.

Applicants entering the institution with a grade three (3) in CXC/CSEC English Language are required to sit the English Language Proficiency Test, and will be placed in either College English 1, College English 2 or Fundamentals of Communication, based on the grades received in the test.

Successful applicants having a grade two (2) or grade three (3) in CXC/CSEC Mathematics are required to pursue College Algebra in Semester 1 – Year 1 of the prgramme.

-Provide technical advice and services in accordance with the needs of the client.
-Prepare detailed drawings of architectural designs and plans for buildings, structures, plumbing, finishing and landscaping, according to specifications.
-Ensure that safe and satisfactory standards of development are sustained with regard to building regulations.
-Demonstrate a critical understanding of organizations within the construction sector, their management and the changing external environment in which they operate.
-Demonstrate and enhance lifelong learning skills, and contribute to society at large.
-Discuss the factors which control and influence this complex industry.
-Describe the roles, responsibilities, and activities of all those involved in the process of project development.
-Apply entrepreneurial principles to drive creativity and innovation thus increasing workplace productivity and profitability

-Architectural Drafting
-Civil Engineering Drafting
-Manufacturing Designs
-Electronics Drafting