Associate Degree In Animation

Programme Overview

The programme will provide students with the technical and artistic skills necessary to work in this profession. Students will learn how to create professional animations for companies, manage animation projects, communicate with different types of professionals and understand the rules governing intellectual property rights. The programme will teach students how to create 2D and 3D animation pictures and images. The programme will cover areas involving figure drawing, digital modelling, texturing and lighting. Opportunities are also available for students to create a portfolio and to participate in an internship programme.

The entry requirements for this programme are as follows:-

-A minimum of four (4) CSEC or GCE O’Level subjects inclusive of Mathematics, English Language and Information Technology or Visual Arts. 


  • NCTVET Level 2 qualifications in related Animation area plus Mathematics and English Language


  • CAPE IT Digital Animation (included CSEC or GCE O’Level Mathematics)


  • Mature/Non-traditional entry requirement 
  • Must be at least 21 years old
  • has at least three (3) years work experience in the core area for which further training is sought
  • has relevant certification in the area of interest
  • Letter confirming employment in the relevant industry for at least 1 year
  • Portfolio

Having satisfied the above criteria the candidate may be asked to submit certification as evidence of being exposed to some form of structured learning.


  • Persons with alternate qualifications from accredited institutions


  • Advanced Placement

Exemption will also be given to students from institutions with which there is an articulation agreement. If there is no articulation agreement with the awarding institution, additional evidence such as course outlines may be requested. The Registry will determine the applicant’s eligibility for advanced credits.

-Produce key drawings for animation

-Interpret and produce illustrations that accurately reflect and represent the needs of the client or team. 

-Develop storyboards for effective story telling 

-Create digital models

-Develop knowledge of fundamental principles of digital animation

-Produce and present 2D and 3D animation sequence

-Use digital animation software

-Analyse project requirements

-Publish 2D and 3D animations

-Recognise the importance of intellectual property rights

-Utilise assistive technologies to support students with special needs

-Demonstrate leadership and teamwork qualities 

-Digital animator.

-Graphic illustrator.

-Multimedia artist.

-Animation specialist